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Playa Laiya offers the best of seaside living at a price you can afford. Call me at your most convenient time. I will be happy to tell you all about this newest and most enjoyable beachfront development in Batangas.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Playa Laiya

What is Playa Laiya ?

Playa Laiya is envisioned to become the “most desired leisure destination” in San Juan with its complete and diverse Exclusive Residential Resort and commercial Leisure-Tourism Estate developments.

The Exclusive Residential Subdivision shall be definitive of the Landco brand with well-designed village facilities and amenities suitable for the beachside lifestyle. The Leisure-Tourism Estate shall become the hub for commercial activity such as restaurant dining, retail shopping, hotel and accommodations, and various tourism services along the coast of Laiya, San Juan in Batangas. With its diverse and natural landscape, Playa Laiya shall also become known as the first premier beach destination in San Juan.

Where is Playa Laiya?

Playa Laiya is located at Barangay Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas. It is approximately 125 kilometers or 2 hours 30 minutes drive from Metro Manila.
Who is the Developer of Playa Laiya?

The developer of Playa Laiya is Landco Pacific Corporation. Landco is the Philippines’ leading real estate company in leisure development. Founded in 1990 by Alfred Xerez-Burgos Jr., Landco has become a major, multi-product real estate development company engaged in high-end leisure, urban and hometown communities.

An originator of industry firsts, Landco revolutionized the second home industry and has coined real estate jargon like ‘residential resorts’, ‘leisure farms’, and ‘leisure tourism estates’.

Staying outside the typical, predominant real estate business models, the company explored new living concepts that respond to the changing emotional and practical needs of the market. Landco’s brand promise of LIFE AT YOUR LEISURE stands in all the communities that carry its name.

Landco’s leisure communities include Peninsula de Punta Fuego, an exclusive, world-class seaside community along the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas, which has become the benchmark for a seaside residential resort. Its success paved the way for the highly acclaimed second phase, Terrazas de Punta Fuego.

Another first in Landco’s roster of resort communities is Hacienda Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon, , a resort plantation community featuring the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.

The award-winning Leisure Farms in Lemery, Batangas is the first agro-tourism, residential and hobby farming community in the country. This was quickly followed by Ponderosa Leisure Farms, the first flower garden residential development, located in Silang Cavite.

Hometown communities include master planned projects that cater to those who want to enjoy the comforts of subdivision living—WoodGrove Park in Pampanga, Waterwood Park in Bulacan, MonteLago Nature Estates in Laguna, and The Courtyard at Lakewood Golf Estates in Nueva Ecija. In Mindanao, another Landco blue-label community has risen – Woodridge Garden Village in Zamboanga.
Urban communities (condominiums and residential city developments) offer the best in resort living in the metropolis, through such developments as Tribeca Private Residences in Sucat, Muntinlupa and Stonecrest in San Pedro, Laguna.
Who is the Landowner of Playa Laiya?

The landowner of Playa Laiya is Aplaya Laiya Corporation.
Who are the designers of the community?

Playa Laiya is a fully integrated masterplanned community. Its consultants include:

• Masterplanning: Paolo G. Alcazaren and Associates, Santos, Caguinguin and Associates

• Architectural Design: Jorge Yulo Architects and Associates
• Landscaping Design: EAAurelio Landscape Architects
• Engineering Design: DCCD Engineering Consultants
• Geodetic Surveying: MAPCON Survey and Construction

What makes Playa Laiya different from other Second Homes in Batangas?

Playa Laiya can be distinctly differentiated from other Second Homes in Batangas in terms of Product Concept, Location, and Product Quality.

In terms of Project Concept, Playa Laiya has a unique concept and theme wherein it integrates an Asian Tropical Contemporary Residential Resort Subdivision with a Leisure-Tourism Estate. Other developments employ a club membership scheme wherein lot owners have to buy a country club share and pay monthly membership dues for the use of its amenities. In Playa Laiya, residents will only have to pay village association dues for the maintenance of the village and its amenities. Exclusive village amenities such as pools, bathhouses, and parks will be operated by the Village Association. On the other hand, commercial operations such as dining establishments, accommodations facilities, and merchant outlets shall be located at the Leisure-Tourism Estate. These establishments shall be offered to 3rd party commercial locators who specialize in these types of services.

The second level of distinction is its beach. Playa Laiya is located on a contiguous 7-kilometer white sand shoreline with diverse marine life and a growing beachside community. Lastly, as in its other projects, Landco focuses on the quality of the product it delivers. Therefore, one can expect top quality design and service for its valued clients.

How is PLAYA LAIYA similar and also different from PLAYA CALATAGAN?

The “Playa” brand is what makes the two developments similar. In terms of concept, both offer an integrated Second Home Residential Resort Subdivision and Leisure Tourism development, with similar amenities and land development specifications. There may be differences in terms lot packages and price but both have the same brand that offers similar lifestyle experiences.

Among its differences are: size of development, location, and level commercialism. In terms of size, Playa Calatagan is 92 hectares while Playa Laiya is 144 hectares. Playa Calatagan covers a little less than a kilometer of beach frontage while Playa Laiya controls almost 2 kilometers. Location is also considered a major difference. Laiya is in the south-east side of Batangas facing Tayabas Bay which opens towards the Pacific Ocean while Calatagan is in the opposite south-west side facing the South China Sea. In terms of commercialism, the Laiya area may be considered more advanced with the abundance of resorts along its 7-kilometer shoreline. The Calatagan area, on the other hand, is a more secluded community given the privacy of the Calatagan peninsula.

What are the features/amenities of the community?

The features of the Residential Resort community are:

1. Exclusive Beach Clubhouse

2. Hilltop Pavilion
3. Village Sports Center
4. Village Parks and Playgrounds
5. Beach Park/Events Area

What are the features/amenities of the Leisure-Tourism Estate?

The Leisure-Tourism Estate shall feature the following:

1. Restaurants and Cafes
2. Retail shopping outlets
3. Hotels and Accommodation Facilities/ Bed and Breakfasts
4. Condominiums/Condotels
5. Meeting Facilities

Please note that the Leisure-Tourism estate shall be offered to third party locators and business owners who will be purchasing commercial property. This estate’s components do not form part of the deliverables for the residential subdivision.

What is the average lot cut?

As of today, June 20, 2011, the sizes of available lots range from 233 to 420 square meters. Two estate lots, with an area of 831 and 919 square meters are also availlable for sale.

What is your target completion date for this project?

The project is phased. Some phases will be finished earlier than the others. We expect to finish the entire residential project by 2017.

What’s the status of the permits?

The following have already been secured:

– Barangay Clearance

– Environmental Compliance Certificate
– Development Permit
– License to Sell (done on a per phase basis)

How much are the Association Dues?

Association dues vary depending on how much it is to maintain the various facilities and amenities a village has. This is usually determined by the Homeowner’s Village Association once it is established. Thus, it would be premature to state an exact price per square meter to date. As a reference, however, our Terrazas de Punta Fuego Residential Resort subdivision development charges PhP 3.50/ square meter for association dues.

Who can use the amenities?

Ownership of village amenities is a function of the formal turnover of the property by the Developer to the Village Association.

Thus, ownership of the amenities prior to turnover belongs to the Developer. The Developer may prudently implement rules, guidelines, and rates it deems fit and necessary for the proper function and maintenance of the amenities before the turnover. It may also be used by anyone the Developer deems fit for it to be used. After the turnover, the ownership of the village amenities is turned over to the Village Association. The Village Association will then charge association dues and rates, impose rules and guidelines it sees fit for the proper operation of its facilities and amenities. Only village owners and their accompanied guest may use the facilities, unless otherwise allowed by the Village Association.

What’s going to happen to Laiya Cocogrove?

Laiya Cocogrove is considered as the first locator of the Leisure-Tourism Estate. In this light, special arrangements may be made between the sales agent/ broker and the resort owner for their own specific purposes.

In the meantime, a marketing pavilion with a pool area is made available in the West Parcel to be used as an interim facility owned and managed by the Developer. This allows guests/ prospective buyers to enjoy and visualize the future amenities and lifestyle that Playa Laiya aims to offer its clients.

How’s the Laiya Beach?

White beach (West Parcel) is considered as one of the best beachfronts of the 7 kilometer shoreline. The sands are fine and white especially during summer. The beach in the East Parcel, however, experiences low tide where the water recedes to up to 300-400 meters from the shore from time to time. This is a natural occurrence which surfaces the natural marine life in the area.

Is the beach artificial or natural? Who will maintain it in the long run?
The beach is natural. In the long run, the beach will be maintained by the Residential and Commercial Village Association.

What’s the plan for the commercial?

Commercial specifications are not yet available as of the moment. However, interested investors can be entertained on a case to case basis.

Will we have a marina?

No. It is unnatural and physically impossible in our development. Nonetheless, a slipway is being planned for small boats and jet skis.

The Ibaan Exit has just been recently opened. What’s the implication to Playa Laiya?

With this new exit, one can now skip the traffic of Lipa City and just go straight to Ibaan which leads to Rosario then to San Juan. This cuts travel time by 30-45 minutes.

An exit connecting the Calamba area to the Star Tollway is being built. What’s the implication to Playa Laiya?

This exit is now open. It bypasses the Sto. Tomas area that connects to the Star Tollway. Thus decreasing travel time by 10-20 minutes.

When was the project launched?

Playa Laiya was launched last April 19, 2008.

PLAYA LAIYA. Pre-selling beach lots.

The Philippine Star – January 8, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Lot owners of Playa Laiya, the premier luxury leisure-residential development in San Juan, Batangas have one more reason to be happy about their residential tropical paradise: the exclusive Playa Laiya Beach Club is now open to give them more relaxation and fun in the sun.

The Playa Laiya Beach Club launch gathered together lot owners and selected guests at a beach party that allowed them to enjoy the Beach Club’s amenities which include kiddie pools, a Jacuzzi, and an infinity edge lap pool. There are also several cabanas, located either by the pools or the beach that can accommodate five to 15 people.

Guests also enjoyed various activities such as kayaking, massage treatments and boat tours of the coastline of Laiya, while kids loved designing their own flip-flops and making Hawaiian lei necklaces and bracelets.

In addition, the Playa Laiya Beach Club has a bathhouse, a veranda and a pool deck for lot owners and their guests to enjoy.

“The Beach Club is an exclusive amenity of residential lot owners of Playa Laiya. However, guests may be allowed usage if they are endorsed by a lot owner,” said Albert Villa-Real, VP for sales.

Playa Laiya’s Beach Club
Now that the Playa Laiya Beach Club has been launched, lot owners may already enjoy its amenities.

“Due to the high demand for Playa Laiya lots, we recently launched a new phase located in the northern portion of the property,” Villa-Real said. Lot owners in some phases may start their house construction in the first half of 2012.

Playa Laiya has a unique concept and theme that integrates a residential village and a leisure-tourism estate. This creates a more convenient and less costly arrangement for its residents who wish to enjoy the leisure component of their residential property.

“Other developments employ a club membership system, but our system in Playa Laiya is better. Our residents will only have to pay for usage of the amenities and, of course, the village association dues for the maintenance of the village and its amenities. There is no need to pay for a country club share and monthly membership dues,” said Villa-Real.

Resort party place

Playa Laiya’s tropical paradise setting and its Beach Club amenities are exclusive to lot owners and residents so they could fully enjoy their privacy and the amenities the Beach Club offers.

Playa Laiya also has a commercial and tourism component in its development through its leisure-tourism estate. It is envisioned to have commercial operations such as dining establishments, accommodations facilities, and merchant outlets. Third-party locators and business owners will have the chance to purchase commercial lots at the leisure-tourism estate. Being commercial in nature, it will be open to the public.

The Beach Club’s bathhouse features a contemporary tropical Asian design.
“We envision this place to be another Boracay here in the Philippines or like Costa del Sol in Spain. But instead of taking a plane and a boat to an island resort, our guests can come here by car. We are just two and a half hours away from Alabang. It’s very convenient,” said Rachel Quinto, project head of Playa Laiya.

“Playa Laiya features a fantastic beach located within a seven-kilometer white sand shoreline with a huge beachfront area measuring about one kilometer. The beachfront on the west side has fine white sand that looks really beautiful especially in the summer,” added Quinto.

LOTS ARE SELLING FAST. It’s best to reserve your beach lot now. Take advantage of pre-sell prices, special discounts and interest-free payment plans.
For inquiries, don’t hesitate to call me ANY TIME, day or night. I’ll be very happy to help you out.
West Parcel

Be part of the most exciting beachfront development in Batangas.


220 to 400 sqm

Current Product Offering (Residential Lots Only): 229 to 406 square meters

April 23, 2011 Site Plan, Sales Map and Inventory

Site Development Plan

Beachfront commercial lots will soon be available for sale but it will first be offered to our existing residential lot owners. Own a residential lot now and be among the very first to own a commercial lot in Playa Laiya!

PLAYA LAIYA Fact Sheet and Sample Computation – April 23, 2011

(San Juan, Batangas)

Property Characteristics

 Extensive beachfront: 1.5 km out of the 7 km Laiya coast
 One of the best beachfronts in Batangas
 Spectacular mountain views
 2 and a half hours from Metro Manila or 1 hour from Lipa City and San Pablo
 Located along the national highway
 Prime gateway location in the Laiya coast
 One of the largest, contiguous, and titled beachfront properties along the Laiya coast

Nearby Destinations
 Kabayan Beach Resort
 Laiya Resthouse
 Virgin Beach Resort
 Blue Coral Beach Resort
 Balai sa Laiya Beach Resort
 La Luz Beach Resort
 Palm Beach Resort

Project Development Location
Bgy. Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Total Project Area
130 hectares

Area Allocation
Residential Subdivision: 86 hectares
Leisure Tourism Estate: 44 hectares

Village Amenities
Beach Clubhouse
Hilltop Pavilion
Village Sports Center (with tennis and basketball courts)
4 Themed Parks and Playgrounds
Administration Building

Leisure Tourism Estate
(Total Area of 44 hectares)
Beach Resort
Convention Center
Dining and Retail Center
Events Area

Project Proponents
Developer: Landco Pacific Corporation
Landowner: Aplaya Laiya Corporation
Masterplanner: SC&A / PGAA
Engineering Consultant: DCCD Engineering Corp.


Current Product Offering: RESIDENTIAL LOTS ONLY

Prices as of April 23, 2011:

Sizes of Remaining Lots Range from 233 to 420 square meters

Prices: 5,000 to 13,700 Pesos per square meter

              or 1,140,000 to 4,000,500 Pesos (in US Dollars, if $1 = 45 Pesos,  $ 25,333 to $88,900)


 Standard Payment Schemes:           

1.  Cash – with 12% discount
2.  No Downpayment Scheme (24 months straight amortization without interest)
3.  5-year Term: 24% Downpayment payable over 12 months without interest, 
      balance of 76% payable over 48 months with interest.

SAMPLE COMPUTATION for a 246-sqm lot at 5,000 pesos/sqm located in Phase 2D North Parcel

Total Contract Price:   1,230,000 Pesos

Option 1: Cash (with 15% promo discount)
   50,000    Reservation
995,500     Due after 30 days 

Option 2:  No Downpayment Scheme, Promo Term ==> 37 months zero interest
50,000     1st Month – Reservation
32,778     2nd to 37th Month – Amortization  


Option 3:  Five Years Inhouse Financing
50,000     1st Month – Reservation
20,433     2nd to 13th Month – 24% Downpayment  (no interest)
26,492    14th to 61st Month – 76% Balance  (with interest)


COMPUTATION IN U.S. DOLLARS: (Assuming Forex is $ 1 = 45 Pesos)

Total Contract Price:   27,333 Dollars

Option 1: Cash (with 12% discount)
     1,111     Reservation     
22,122    Due after 30 days 

Option 2:  No Downpayment Scheme , Promo Term ==> 37 months zero interest
1,111       1st Month – Reservation
728     2nd to 37th Month – Amortization  

Option 3:  Five Years Inhouse Financing
1,111     1st Month – Reservation
  454     2nd to 13th Month – 24% Downpayment  (no interest)
  589     14th to 61st Month – 76% Balance  (with interest)

For sample computations of your preferred lots, feel free to call me anytime.

If you’re calling from abroad, please dial 00632 3835125  or 0063 916 2942938.  Thank you!

Playa Laiya Video Presentations


Discover Batangas’ best-kept secret.

Located in San Juan, PLAYA LAIYA boasts of an extensive beachfront and pristine white sand that create the perfect setting to relax, play and enjoy in more ways than one.

With 44 hectares of leisure commercial development that will feature hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops amidst clear blue waters and lush green flora, PLAYA LAIYA is set to be the next tourism hub in Luzon.

Just a relaxing 2 and half hour drive from Manila or an hour of easy driving from Lipa City, Batangas or San Pablo, Laguna.

Situated on the south-easternmost tip of Batangas, Playa Laiya’s 1.5 km beachfront is located along the gateway of the 7 km Laiya coast in San Juan, Batangas, which is considered one of the longest coastlines in Luzon.

The Fourth in a series of LANDCO’s groundbreaking seaside communities, PLAYA LAIYA is designed to launch the next generation and sophisticated beach communities featuring world-class lifestyle and amenities which have made Peninsula de Punta Fuego, Terrazas de Punta Fuego, and Playa Calatagan addresses of choice – combined with new and improved features to address your ever-revolving lifestyle.

Playa Laiya’s 86-hectare residential community is designed for both exclusivity and convenience. Village amenities complete a destination where every member of the family can truly enjoy.

Created by Landco Pacific, PLAYA LAIYA is a masterpiece of seaside living.  Be among the very first to select your choice of properties at introductory prices. Only 50,000 Pesos to reserve.

Please scroll down the page. Complete project details are available here.

Sample House Design

Asian Tropical Design

Asian Tropical Design


About Landco Pacific Corporation

Company Profile

Upscale real-estate developer Landco Pacific Corporation is the developer of leisure communities, resort-inspired condominiums, and luxury home communities. As the purveyor of resort living experiences over the last 21 years, the company has consistently pioneered innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way people live.

Its flagship development, Peninsula de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, is the country’s first private and exclusive seaside residential resort, blending the wonders of sand, sky and sea with world-class resort amenities. This was quickly followed by Terrazas de Punta Fuego, the upscale resort that boasts of the best swimming beach in Nasugbu, Batangas, and Amara en Terrazas, a luxury oceanfront condominium offering scenic views of the West Philippine Sea.

Other noteworthy leisure communities are the award-winning Leisure Farms (Lemery, Batangas), Ponderosa Leisure Farms (Silang, Cavite), Hacienda Escudero (Tiaong, Quezon) and the Playa Series (Playa Calatagan in Calatagan, Batangas, Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas, and Playa Azalea in Samal Island, Davao). Its brand promise “Life at your Leisure” is at the heart of all Landco’s properties—even in resort-inspired condominium Tribeca Private Residences in Sucat, Muntinlupa, as well as luxury home communities, Landco’s signature blue-label first homes located in various provinces nationwide such as WoodGrove Park in San Fernando, Pampanga, Waterwood Park in Baliuag, Bulacan, MonteLago Nature Estates in San Pablo, Laguna, The Courtyard at Lakewood Golf Estates in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija and Woodridge Garden Village in Zamboanga City.

The company continues to explore new living concepts that respond to the changing emotional and practical needs of the market.

Today, Landco’s vision has become its promise: to create places of leisure where the fullness of life can come alive and reside. Remaining true to this promise, Landco will continue its quest to provide Filipinos a life of leisure that they truly deserve.

Our Brand

Landco’s Vision of Leisure

Leisure is more than just lying around and doing nothing. Leisure is a philosophy —a frame of mind. It is living at your own pace.

Leisure is not a want but a necessity for a balanced life; a balance between freedom and responsibility, between family and career, between work and play.

And with leisure comes great ideas, lifelong relationships, life-changing decisions, and moments you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

This is why Landco has made leisure its expertise, devoting the past two decades to creating unique leisure experiences in all of its developments. It is Landco’s desire that you find a lifestyle experience that reflects your aspirations; whether it be the relaxing ambiance of our Leisure Communities that provides an escape from the urban jungle, or the resort-in-the-city feel of our Resort-inspired Condominiums, or enjoying a quiet family life in our Luxury Home Communities.

Landco understands the importance of leisure in our lives. That’s why in the real-estate industry, when it comes to leisure, one name stands out above the rest. LANDCO.

Leisure is the cornerstone of all of Landco’s developments. Landco will continue to build on its credibility and reputation of being a pioneer and innovator in leisure living as it moves forward. Leisure is our life so that you can enjoy LIFE AT YOUR LEISURE.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is composed of several of the country’s finest minds in business and real estate, known for their business acumen, rich sense of history and passion for offering the best to the Filipino consumer.

Manuel V. Pangilinan

Albert V. Villa-Real

Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr.

Alfred Xerez-Burgos III

Jose Ma. K. Lim

Ray C. Espinosa


• Landco is committed to consistently create innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way people live. What began as Landco’s philosophy to create the ultimate leisure experience in each of its developments is now a brand battle cry to deliver Life at Your Leisure through all its development, whether it be a vacation and resort community, a leisure-themed primary residential community, or a resort-themed condominium in the heart of the metropolis.

• Leisure Communities

Peninsula de Punta Fuego

Terrazas de Punta Fuego

Amara En Terrazas

Leisure Farms

Ponderosa Leisure Farms

Hacienda Escudero

Playa Calatagan

Playa Laiya

Playa Azalea

• Resort-Inspired Condominiums

Tribeca Private Residences

• Luxury Home Communities


Lakewood City

The Courtyard At Lakewood Golf Estates

MonteLago Nature Estates

WoodGrove Park

Waterwood Park

Woodridge Garden Village

About Me

Landco Pacific Corporation, the company I represent, is the Philippines’ premier developer of high quality residential resorts, leisure communities, resort-inspired condominiums and luxury home communities.

As the purveyor of resort living experiences over the last 25 years, the company has consistently pioneered innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way people live.

I have been with Landco for more than 16 years specializing in the company’s world class beach communities in Batangas.

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker committed to give above and beyond customer service in order to help families acquire properties safely and easily even through the internet.


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