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Site Development Plan

Beachfront commercial lots will soon be available for sale but it will first be offered to our existing residential lot owners. Own a residential lot now and be among the very first to own a commercial lot in Playa Laiya!


Comments on: "April 23, 2011 Site Plan, Sales Map and Inventory" (4)

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  2. For sample computations of your preferred lots, please feel free to call or email me.


  3. I’m interested in buying but how would i know if you’re a legitimate broker? I’m sorry but i’m just trying to be cautious.


    • No worries. It’s good that you’re cautious. We should always be careful in dealing with other people especially when there’s a big investment involved.

      To confirm that I’m a legitimate broker, kindly visit this link:

      My registration number is 0001657 and my birthdate is 06/01/1977. The site will ask you to enter these.

      You may also check my employment status by calling Landco directly at +632 8365008.

      Thank you Ms. Leonor! I am looking forward to doing business with you soon.

      God bless,


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