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PLAYA LAIYA Fact Sheet and Sample Computation – April 23, 2011

(San Juan, Batangas)

Property Characteristics

 Extensive beachfront: 1.5 km out of the 7 km Laiya coast
 One of the best beachfronts in Batangas
 Spectacular mountain views
 2 and a half hours from Metro Manila or 1 hour from Lipa City and San Pablo
 Located along the national highway
 Prime gateway location in the Laiya coast
 One of the largest, contiguous, and titled beachfront properties along the Laiya coast

Nearby Destinations
 Kabayan Beach Resort
 Laiya Resthouse
 Virgin Beach Resort
 Blue Coral Beach Resort
 Balai sa Laiya Beach Resort
 La Luz Beach Resort
 Palm Beach Resort

Project Development Location
Bgy. Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Total Project Area
130 hectares

Area Allocation
Residential Subdivision: 86 hectares
Leisure Tourism Estate: 44 hectares

Village Amenities
Beach Clubhouse
Hilltop Pavilion
Village Sports Center (with tennis and basketball courts)
4 Themed Parks and Playgrounds
Administration Building

Leisure Tourism Estate
(Total Area of 44 hectares)
Beach Resort
Convention Center
Dining and Retail Center
Events Area

Project Proponents
Developer: Landco Pacific Corporation
Landowner: Aplaya Laiya Corporation
Masterplanner: SC&A / PGAA
Engineering Consultant: DCCD Engineering Corp.


Current Product Offering: RESIDENTIAL LOTS ONLY

Prices as of April 23, 2011:

Sizes of Remaining Lots Range from 233 to 420 square meters

Prices: 5,000 to 13,700 Pesos per square meter

              or 1,140,000 to 4,000,500 Pesos (in US Dollars, if $1 = 45 Pesos,  $ 25,333 to $88,900)


 Standard Payment Schemes:           

1.  Cash – with 12% discount
2.  No Downpayment Scheme (24 months straight amortization without interest)
3.  5-year Term: 24% Downpayment payable over 12 months without interest, 
      balance of 76% payable over 48 months with interest.

SAMPLE COMPUTATION for a 246-sqm lot at 5,000 pesos/sqm located in Phase 2D North Parcel

Total Contract Price:   1,230,000 Pesos

Option 1: Cash (with 15% promo discount)
   50,000    Reservation
995,500     Due after 30 days 

Option 2:  No Downpayment Scheme, Promo Term ==> 37 months zero interest
50,000     1st Month – Reservation
32,778     2nd to 37th Month – Amortization  


Option 3:  Five Years Inhouse Financing
50,000     1st Month – Reservation
20,433     2nd to 13th Month – 24% Downpayment  (no interest)
26,492    14th to 61st Month – 76% Balance  (with interest)


COMPUTATION IN U.S. DOLLARS: (Assuming Forex is $ 1 = 45 Pesos)

Total Contract Price:   27,333 Dollars

Option 1: Cash (with 12% discount)
     1,111     Reservation     
22,122    Due after 30 days 

Option 2:  No Downpayment Scheme , Promo Term ==> 37 months zero interest
1,111       1st Month – Reservation
728     2nd to 37th Month – Amortization  

Option 3:  Five Years Inhouse Financing
1,111     1st Month – Reservation
  454     2nd to 13th Month – 24% Downpayment  (no interest)
  589     14th to 61st Month – 76% Balance  (with interest)

For sample computations of your preferred lots, feel free to call me anytime.

If you’re calling from abroad, please dial 00632 3835125  or 0063 916 2942938.  Thank you!


Playa Laiya Video Presentations


Discover Batangas’ best-kept secret.

Located in San Juan, PLAYA LAIYA boasts of an extensive beachfront and pristine white sand that create the perfect setting to relax, play and enjoy in more ways than one.

With 44 hectares of leisure commercial development that will feature hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops amidst clear blue waters and lush green flora, PLAYA LAIYA is set to be the next tourism hub in Luzon.

Just a relaxing 2 and half hour drive from Manila or an hour of easy driving from Lipa City, Batangas or San Pablo, Laguna.

Situated on the south-easternmost tip of Batangas, Playa Laiya’s 1.5 km beachfront is located along the gateway of the 7 km Laiya coast in San Juan, Batangas, which is considered one of the longest coastlines in Luzon.

The Fourth in a series of LANDCO’s groundbreaking seaside communities, PLAYA LAIYA is designed to launch the next generation and sophisticated beach communities featuring world-class lifestyle and amenities which have made Peninsula de Punta Fuego, Terrazas de Punta Fuego, and Playa Calatagan addresses of choice – combined with new and improved features to address your ever-revolving lifestyle.

Playa Laiya’s 86-hectare residential community is designed for both exclusivity and convenience. Village amenities complete a destination where every member of the family can truly enjoy.

Created by Landco Pacific, PLAYA LAIYA is a masterpiece of seaside living.  Be among the very first to select your choice of properties at introductory prices. Only 50,000 Pesos to reserve.

Please scroll down the page. Complete project details are available here.

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