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Playa Laiya – Inventory Pricelist as of September 23, 2020

Playa Laiya Sales Map 2020 (Colored) – as of September 23, 2020

Build your beach home here in Playa Laiya!








Photos and videos of some lots are available. Send me a message here so I can share them to you.

Own a piece of Playa Laiya. Reserve you beach lot now.

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Location: Barangay Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Project Size: 151 hectares



Project Features:

  • Extensive beachfront (1.5 kilometers)
  • Exclusive Beach Clubhouse
  • Beach Park
  • Hilltop Clubhouse
  • Village Parks and Playgrounds
  • Restaurant
  • Grand Clubhouse (under construction)

Size of Available Lots: 201 to 706 square meters (2,164 to 7,599 square feet)

Price Range of Remaining 184 Lots:   15,568 to 36,848 Pesos per square meter

Contract Price of 3,399,312 to 23,642,528 Pesos

Or 67,986 to 472,851 US Dollars (if $1 = 50 Pesos)

Current Promo Payment Terms:

Sample Computation – 310 sqm at Phase 4 (Pre-selling) – Located within a short walking distance away from the beach, the Beach Park and the Grand Clubhouse

Sample Computation – 201 sqm at Phase 2J (Pre-selling) – One of the smallest and most affordable lots in Playa Laiya. Availble for as low as 17,496 Pesos per month.

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